Two If By Sea pits the Soviet KGB against the US Navy with espionage, sabotage, and joint force nuclear and conventional combat delivering a scorching blow to the red flag and its hammer and sickle.


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Photo below center left is the sleeve-worn British parachutist wing. We of PathfinderUK jumped to commemorate Operation Market Garden from a World War Two C-47 used in the Normandy D-Day invasion. Our event date was 17 September 2010. Drop Zone X-Ray at Renkum (NL) had not been jumped since British 1st Airborne’s famous 2nd Battalion’s insertion commanded by Lieutenant Colonel (later General) John Frost (MC, DSO and bar, Companion of the Bath, Grand Officer of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta) on 17 Sep 1944. The new bridge over the Rhein River at Arnhem was named for him “John Frostbrug”. Photo by War-Author LTC William H. Northacker, SF, USA (Retired) who was in the first stick, first chalk for the commemoration jump. Member of Pathfinder UK Parachute Group.

Please visit ‘Latest News” for the American gun controversy and incidents in Benghazi, and Obama. Also the “Hall of Heroes” page attached to “Latest News”. Remember this quote, “There is no such thing as an all-weather infantryman. Just an infantryman who is in all weather.” LTC William H. Northacker, USA, Retired.

The following photographs captured War-Author Bill Northacker who jumped Operation Market Garden 2010 on Drop Zone X-Ray at Renkum, Netherlands, part of the Arnhem Battlefield.

Operation Market Garden Teuge Flightline 0700 Hrs 17 Sep 2010 Waiting for MACO Briefing

On Drop Zone X-Ray Just After the C-47 Drop

Teuge Flightline An Hour After the C-47 Drop at Drop Zone X-Ray